This is a continually evolving timeline of protest surrounding the Zimmerman verdict, compiled from online media and personal reports. Send updates or news to block4trayvon@gmail.com, or leave a comment.

7/13 – Saturday evening the Zimmerman verdict is handed down. Gatherings and small protests begin immediately; in Oakland a multiracial group of about 200 march, burning a flag, attacking several storefronts, setting fires in the street, and smashing up a police car.

7/14 – Protests occur in the dozens and perhaps hundreds all over the US, including Albuquerque, Boston, Chicago, Louisville, Oakland, Boston, Durham, Raleigh, Santa Ana, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Asheville, Atlanta, Tallahassee, the Bronx, Harlem, Manhattan, Miami, Cleveland, LA, Austin, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and others. In many cities unpermitted marches break out from pre-planned rallies. In Los Angeles, a crowd of nearly a thousand takes over a major freeway (I-10) for a half an hour, until police come in shooting bean bags, and later a breakaway group from a prayer vigil tears down fences, spray paints a hotel lobby, and briefly ransacks a Wal-Mart. As many as 10,000 take over Times Square in Manhattan, bringing traffic to a halt.

7/15 – Demonstrations continue. A large crowd in Oakland marches onto a highway, is pushed off by police, and attempts to take a second highway but is stopped by lines of riot police on the on-ramp. In Houston, an all-black crowd seizes Route 288 and an overpass, with participants standing on cars to deliver speeches.

7/16 – More marches and rallies occur around the country. Several dozen protesters in Houston entered the City Hall Chambers and interrupted a meeting with chants. One protester was quoted, “If we can’t get no justice, we can’t have business as usual.”

7/17 – Sixty protesters stage a sit-in at the Pittsburgh Mayor’s office while others block the street outside, calling for “an end of the criminalization of black people, black bodies and the black community.” In Victorville, 85 miles northeast of LA, another Trayvon protest gets “rowdy” with a group of 30-40 teenagers blocking the streets and ransacking a convenience store during a march.

7/18 – Florida students and youth take over Governor’s Office, demanding to meet with the Governor, who refuses.

7/20 – Rallies take place in front of Federal buildings in over 101 cities across the country.


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