How to Organize #block4trayvon

Proposal for #block4trayvon
Okay, so we’re tossing a line out there, seeing if it catches.

#Block4trayvon will be successful only to the extent which anyone, like us, calls a gathering point, sets a time, and publicizes it–only to the extent that this little meme becomes real.  

We’ve received messages from countless people asking where it’s happening, groups asking to be involved, and media outlets asking for more information. Everyone wants an event.

So, here’s how it could go do down:

July 25-26

#b4tCHI, #b4tLA, #b4tNYC …etc should appear, and each reveal their city’s meet-up spot. Add the local hashtag and #block4trayvon to every post. Even if its just you and your friends, set up a twitter or FB & post a gathering point. We live in insane times; little protests become uprisings. We’ll do as we have been doing, and post and rp all information as it comes to us.

It’s literally up to all of us make this happen. like #occupy, #block4trayvon will begin outside of the political parties, established organizations, even against the program of a lot of the so-called community organizers. Props to Cornel West for his intense remarks about Obama on Democracy Now, but we need more than radical celebs to break with this racist society. We need all of us, in the street, crazier and full of more life than the cops.