Day One: Oakland’s First Night of Vengeance for Trayvon

oakland_riot(A reportback from a participant in Oakland’s first night of protest, 7/13)

Shattering illusions and misplaced hope, they have made a costly decision.

Hundreds in Oakland last night were full of rage and lashed out at every reminder of a legal system that sanctions the murder of black youth, a police department that targets the poor and dark-skinned, and a city that puts capital ahead of community. Smashed plates of glass, fires, and anti-police graffiti covered our downtown urban landscape last night. Uptown was smashed because those hipsters partying and hanging out in the clubs and bars on this night, have clarified their position, they don’t give a fuck. Folks swarmed the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse, because the theater of justice that takes place inside is not entertaining, it ruins thousands of lives. We know that justice can never be found in the courts and that the prison is not the place for the Zimmerman’s of the world.

Next time we will not to wait with baited breath for a decision, the distance between those deliberations and what we need in our lives is too vast. The police and prison system is theirs not ours, and as the thousands of prisoners on hunger strike remind us, cages are never acceptable. If those in the streets’ desires were met, the courthouse, the police station, the jail, the shops, and the whole culture that consumes apathy along with it’s aperitifs would have been leveled to the ground. We don’t know the sequence of events that lay in store in the coming days. There are more plans to meet downtown later today and tomorrow. There are 50 plus rally’s being held across the nation. We recognize the possibility that Zimmerman’s just deserts could be the entire country on fire. We fan the flames of discontent, hoping they spread out and incinerate the architecture of our racist rotten system.

A cop drove this smashed up cruiser out of the plaza as people screamed at him. The iconic image of him in a busted car forced to project outwards the”Fuck OPD” and “Kill Pigz” graffiti, is a reminder to us that there are these moments of their weakness and our strength that appear if we are ready. He was only able to drive it a few miles an hour with it’s flattened tires and damaged structure so that for many blocks it resembled an anti-police billboard.


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